Livingstone To Re-examine Islington Towers

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Livingstone To Re-examine Islington Towers Empty Livingstone To Re-examine Islington Towers

Post by Mr007 on Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:25 pm

Livingstone To Re-examine Islington Towers

The Green Party in London have come out against the planned towers by Miller Developments, British Waterways and Fidelity Investments at City Basin in London's trendy Islington attacking them following local concerns they are "out of character" and "grotesque".

The 35 and 28 floor residential towers that are the centrepiece of the development of what is currently a piece of abandoned canal land will be 115 and 95 metres tall if built making them the tallest buildings in the borough. They have been designed by Squire and Partners, and Bennetts Associates.

Thanks to this criticism the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has agreed to revisit the scheme and evaluate it taking into consideration the complaints that have been championed by Jenny Jones, one of the leading Green Party representatives in London.

Given the current state of the land however, not to mention the dominating council blocks next door such as the monolithic 80 metre tall Peregrine House and the others in that estate complaints about their height are unlikely to wash with Livingstone as the area already has tall buildings.

From an aesthetic point of view, it could be argued that the towers are out of place, but only in as much as they are not brutalist concrete slabs and don't have bad planning of the City Road A&B that could see them become suicide hotspots thanks to the number of jumpers from the top floors.

The designs had previously made the cut through the planning system, even in Islington where the council is not the most supportive of tall buildings, making it likely that Ken's look at the scheme is simply a political move to try and counter opposition by crossing every t and dotting every i.

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